Thursday, December 23, 2010

Horror Movie Review: Doghouse


Starring: Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham, Noel Clarke, Emil Marwa, Victoria Hopkins, and Nicola Jane Reading

Directed by: Jake West

Written by: Dan Schaffer

Production Companies: Carnaby International, Carnaby Film Productions, hanover Films, and Molinare Studio

Release Date: June 12, 2009

When Vince (played by Stephen Graham) finds himself caught in the middle of a horrible divorce, his buddies decide he needs to go on vacation. The six men, all having women troubles, or, well, significant other troubles as is the case for Graham (played by Emil Marwa), head to the small town of Moodley where the women outnumber the men 4 to 1 for a boys weekend away.

But their women troubles don't end in Moodley as they find themselves attacked by every woman in town, and not in a good way. All of the women in town have been changed into man-hating, flesh eating zombie women, or zom-birds.

This is a pretty fun story that is able to wrap realistic humor with supernatural horror. Come on, guys, tell me you wouldn't put gas in a water gun to create a flame thrower to fend off zombie women. And putting on women's clothes to blend in with the zom-bird natives! Classic half-assed guy schemes!

And, of course, the zom-birds, many of them are quite attractive underneath their undead exteriors. That's why Victoria Hopkins, the Bride, and Nicola Jane Reading, the Burning Witch zom-bird, get starring credit here.

 The humor is subtle and realistic, the violence bloody and grotesque, all in all making this a fun zombie experience. Maybe a good anti-Valentine's Day movie, fellas?

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