Friday, June 18, 2010

Horror Movie Review: Manhater


Starring: Emelle, Alessandra Assaf, John Freedom Henry, Brendan Connor, and Ariel X

Directed by: Anthony Doublin

Written by: Philip R. Calderone

Production Company: Canyon Falls Productions

Awards: Winner, Best Original Soundtrack 2010 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema

I, admittedly, have a special love for low-budget, indy horror productions. Without the money for big time effects, or stars, or equipment, or locations, these movies are true examples of innovative movie making. Not how "innovative is often used, describing a new breakthrough in using technology by pouring a whole bunch of money into the best equipment and the best users of that equipment. Innovative in its most difficult context. Forward thinking movie making without the best resources. How to make a small scale movie in a big-budget movie world...So it was my pleasure to sit down and watch Manhater.
Manhater is about women abused and mistreated by men. Vonda (played by Emelle) has been in a series of bad relationships with the latest loser being Bruce (played by John Freedom Henry). Vonda seeks help from New Age spiritualist Eileen (played by Alessandra Assaf). Under Eileen's recommendation, Vonda takes a potion which should help her get past her depression and anger, to help her move on with her life. What the potion does is release...Enyo (played by Ariel X).

Enyo does what she can to help Vonda get rid of the pain of her killing her past loves.

But Vonda becomes the leading suspect in the growing number of murders and her life becomes more painful as she witnesses Enyo's brutality while slipping into dreamlike trances.

I shan't paint a pristine picture Manhater. It is a B-Movie with all its limitations. Yes, some of the shots are poorly lighted. Yes, the film is a bit grainy. No, the special effects aren't George Lucas quality. No, there's not an Academy Award winner in the acting lot...can we move past that and talk about what this film does have? Thank you...

Manhater gives us a compelling story whose fantasy is based on the too true fact, possible fact, seeiming fact that all women have some asshole in her past who made her feel like crap and who draws out violent reactions in these women. And some women, like poor Vonda, have a lot of assholes in their past.

The script is a tight story without loose ends and inconsistencies. Without those distractions often found in horror movies, we're left to be engrossed in the plot. How are these disparate characters with their own agendas or interests in the events going to resolve this conflict? Will Eric the cop (played by Brendan Connor) be able to do his job without putting Vonda in jail? Will Bruce find a way to save himself from Enyo? What does Eileen have to do with Enyo? Will Vonda be able to stop Enyo and stay out of jail...and avoid another run in with Bruce?

What ablut the three B's essential to a good B-Movie? Boobs, Blood, and Bwa-ha-ha?

In her role as Enyo, Ariel X spends half the movie walking around nude save for white body paint. There's other flesh colored breasts, including Ariel X's without white paint, to be found.

Enyo also gives us plenty of blood as well. She slices up Vonda's former loves with her long, black nails flinging blood all over the rooms where she gets her justice.

But Manhater doesn't leave much room for humor, but that's not required in a script of this seriousness.

Now, Manhater coould easily be mistaken for a pro-feminist, anti-male story, but it's not. The women are hardly shown as noble and perfect, and the men aren't all troglodytes. As with any good story, the characters are well rounded...even asshole Bruce has a moment of humanity and weakness, and bloodthirsty Enyo questions the prupose of her existence with doubt. The impressive characterization in Manhater is something often overlooked in favor for big budget effects and big name stars found in the summer hit movies.

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