Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Horror Movie Review: Spring Break Massacre

Spring Break Massacre

Starring: Sarah Minnic, Reggie Bannister, Bob Farster, John Shumski, and Linnea Quigley

Directed by: Michael Hoffman, Jr.

Written by: Michael Hoffman, Jr. and Meghan Jones

Production Company: Disruptive Media

Release Date: April 2008

Let's face it, with a title like Spring Break Massacre, we can expect a few things...and you can sum it up by calling it a Cheesy B-Movie Slasher. But, I tend to find these fun, so all seemed good.

Well, I mean, the acting wasn't. And the film quality was pretty bad, but then we don't watch B-Movies for best of the line camera equipment and top rate actors.

It's spring break and Heather's dad is going out of town...which means, naturally, PARTY!

Unfortunately for Heather's boyfriend, she and her girlfriends want just a girls' night in. While the girls are having a good time playing cards, Truth or Dare, and planning to antagonize the boys, things turn creepy as weirdo neighbor Mr. Malone starts skulking around.
Meanwhile, Sheriff Yates gets word that a killer has escaped from prison.

So when the killing starts at Heather's house, the question remains: Who is it? Mr. Malone? Stanley Peterson, the convicted serial killer? Or is something else going on?

It sounds good, but unfortunately it was a little dull. The gore was subdued with most kills being done off screen, leaving most of the film was jokes about stereotypical girl sleepovers. Granted, that gives us a lot of tits and ass, which is great, but just not enough plot to keep things going.

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