Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Horror Movie Review Preview: The Cook

Coming soon...The Cook. Over a long holiday weekend, unable to escape the confines of their sorority house, a handful of unsuspecting girls are left behind to enjoy the quiet sanctuary. The normal house staff has taken off for the weekend, leaving the girls to fend for themselves. Thankfully someone was kind enough to send them a temporary replacement chef to cook their meals. However, when the girls start disappearing one-by-one, they begin to suspect something may not be quite right with... THE COOK!

The Cook

They're the Dinner. He's the Cook!

Sorority Babes: The Other White Meat.

Starring Mark Hengst, Kit Paquin, Makinna Ridgway, Penny Drake, Nina Fehren, Noelle Kinney, Brooke Lenzi, Justine Marino, Stefanie Solano, and Allen Yates, The Cook won the STIFFY at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival for being the Most Kickass Film. The Cook received a 3.8 rating (out of 10) at IMDB and a 2.3 rating (out of 5) at Netflix.

Join us early next week to dicuss whether or not this horror comedy cooks up something tasty...

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