Saturday, March 21, 2009

Horror Movie Review: Beauty Queen Butcher

Beauty Queen Butcher

Starring: Rhona Brody, Kathryn A. Mensik, Tammy Pescatelli, Kimberly Ann Kurtenbach, and Jim Boggess

Directed by: Jill Zurborg

Written by: Shane Partlow and Jill Zurborg

Production Company: Camp Motion Pictures

Release Date: September 11, 2007

I've always felt that recommending a B-Movie is a tricky proposition. Many people are immediately put off by the poor acting, the cheesy script, and the generally low production value. But there are many who see the fun in a well made B-Movie, and being a B-Movie fan, I have determined that there are three key components to an entertaining B-Movie. I call them the 3 B's of B-Movies: Blood, Boobs, and Bwah-hah-hah.

Blood is probably the least important component for my taste. It's important, but lack of gore isn't going to ruin a film. It's often used, however, in B-Movies to increase the gross out factor to increase buzz. Beauty Queen Butcher has very little blood and gore, despite opportunities to provide some. I cringed at the prospect that they might show a microwaved cat, but when they didn't, and the only blood in the movie was little trickles of the red stuff from wounds, I was gravely disappointed.

Boobs are very important. You create a horrible B-Movie with boobs, at least the viewers might say, "Well, that was a sucky film, but those were some nice tits on that one girl." And a movie about beauty queens...come on, what would you expect? At least one boob flash. Here? Nothing. Even the bathing suits aren't all that revealing. Major disappointment.

But all isn't lost for Beauty Queen Butcher. The most important component of a B-Movie is bwah-hah-hah...laughter...comedy. You can have a good serious B-Movie, but it's hard considering the limitations inherant in the B-Movie. Comedy often shows knowledge that, ok, they know they're not making a blockbuster, or even a block stresser. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun. Beauty Queen Butcher tried comedy, and Steve Kollin as Cameron and Peter D. Soderberg as Dick Richards, had their moments of humor, but the comedy was otherwise off and unamusing.

Beauty Queen Butcher had potential. I was able to watch the entire film because of its potential and the fact that maybe they'd pull out some blood, boobs, or that key bwah-hah-hah to make the film worth it, but it didn't.

No blood, no boobs, no bwah-hah-hah...means no recommendation from the Orgy.

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