Sunday, April 5, 2009

Horror Movie Review Preview: Black Sheep

Coming Soon...Black Sheep. An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorize a sprawling New Zealand farm.

Get ready for the Violence of the Lambs!

Get the flock out of here!

There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand... and they're pissed off!

A new breed of comedy horror

The sheep on this farm have turned to the baaaaaad side

Shear terror!

Starring Nathan Meister, Peter Feeney, Danielle Mason, Tammy Davis, and Tandi Wright, Black Sheep won the Audience Award and the Special Jury Prize at the GĂ©rardmer Film Festival, and the Achievement in Make-Up Design in Film and Achievement in Sound Design in Film awards at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards.

Join us soon to see what the flock is up with...Black Sheep

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