Sunday, April 12, 2009

Horror Movie Review: Black Sheep

Black Sheep

Starring: Nathan Meister, Peter Feeney, Danielle Mason, Tammy Davis, and Tandi Wright

Director: Jonathan King

Written by: Jonathan King

Release Date: September 10, 2006

Awards: the Audience Award and the Special Jury Prize at the GĂ©rardmer Film Festival, and the Achievement in Make-Up Design in Film and Achievement in Sound Design in Film awards at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards.

Two brothers inherit a sheep farm in New Zealand. One brother, Henry, suffers from a debilitating fear of sheep. The other, Angus, is a bit of an ass. So Henry returns to the family for one reason...sell his portion to older brother Angus.

But as sheep farmers around the world know, things don't go quite as planned. First the Oldfield farm is visited by Grant and Experience, animal rights activists out to let the Oldfield know they disapprove of their practices. Grant ends up stealing a biological sample being sent to be disposed of, but in escaping the security, Grent falls and breaks the cannister. Thus the horror begins as the creature in the container bites Grant and shambles off to bite other sheep. The result? Killer sheep and weresheep!

As you can guess with anything containing killer sheep, Black Sheep is horror comedy. Like when farm hand Tucker asks Henry, "What about the sheep?" and Henry responds, "Fuck the sheep." Tucker's response is perfect, "No time for that, bro. Go, go, go!"

It's also got some good gore as Experience and Henry try and cross the sheep infested farm witnessing countless sheep eating people.

The genetically engineered sheep of Angus's employee Dr. Rush keep the thrills and chills going. Just don't watch this film before going out to feed your me.

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Black Sheep writer and director jonathan King co-wrote The Tattooist.

Black Sheep reminded me of the Aussie creature feature Razorback. Unfortunately it seems only available in Region 2 and 4 formats. When will a distributor release it in Region 1 format?

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