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Horror Movie Review: Cursed


Starring: Christina Ricci, Jesse Eisenberg, Milo Ventimiglia, Joshua Jackson, and Judy Greer

Director: Wes Craven

Writer: Kevin Williamson

Release Date: February 25, 2005

Awards: Nominated in the 2005 MTV Movie Awards for Best Frightened Performance by Mya (Lost to Dakota Fanning in Hide and Seek)

If you do a plot keyword search of the term "Werewolf" you will pull up 183 titles including Big Fish, a decidedly non-horrific drama. So filter out everything that is not a horror film and you still have 155 films, although some are questionably tagged, such as F. W. Murnau's vampire flick, Nosferatu. The first werewolf film is either the 1925 silent feature Wolf Blood about a lumberjack given a blood transfusion from a wolf and convinced he is turning into a wolf, with no actual werewolf effects, or Universal Pictures 1935 Werewolf of London. That's almost 2 werewolf pictures a year. At this point you almost wonder what else can be done with the lycanthoropic legend.

In 2005, Wes Craven took a stab at the werewolf and gave us Cursed. In LA, orphans Ellie and Jimmy get attacked by a werewolf and are cursed with the mark of the beast. Jimmy figures out what is going on and begins to embrace the change. As people start turning up dead around the siblings, Ellie begins to accept the implausible truth. In order to return to their normal lives, Ellie and Jimmy begin trying to find the werewolf that started it all...and kill it.

There's nothing really special about the plot or anything about the film. It's kind of a paint by numbers flick. Craven seemed to try and give this the feel of The Lost Boys, replacing vampires with werewolfs. However, the setting of LA rather than a small Californian town eliminates the cut-off-in-an-alien-environment feeling we got from Michael and Sam in Santa Carla.

We see some Teen Wolf thrown in as Jimmy embraces his change to escape his role as tormented geek by standing up to the bully and winning the girl. Finally add a touch of Jack Nicholson's Wolf performance brought to us by Christina Ricci as she becomes more aggressive in her work, and the puzzle is complete.

It's not a complete loss if you're a Ricci fan, as I am, but it adds a level of disappointment that she would accept this role. It's fun watching Milo Ventimiglia as Jimmy's bully rather than flying around trying to save the world, but it's hard to swallow the character as overly stereotypical as it is. And the lead werewolf is a good choice, except the script seemed to leave off some of the werewold clues that Jimmy and Ellie show. A special nod should be given to Scott Baio who plays himself being a mistreated TV guest.

Considering some of the names involved (Ricci and Craven), it's a shame that this wasn't a better film that tried to do something new rather than chew up the same old things we've seen from other films. The film really was cursed...

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